About the Cook with Heart Challenge

The Heart Foundation and Coles Cook with Heart Challenge promotes heart-healthy eating and helps to raise money for heart disease research.

During the challenges, Coles is generously matching all donations raised (up to $100,000). During the challenge, all participants can double their impact!

Participants can choose to cook one, five or 10 heart-healthy recipes. We have a huge variety of Heart Foundation approved recipes to choose from.

The Cook with Heart Challenge encourages you to raise funds to help vulnerable Australians with heart conditions get through the COVID-19 pandemic. When you join the challenge, you will encourage family and friends to sponsor you to complete the cooking challenge during these difficult times.

Don’t forget to share your cooking creations and hashtag #Coles and #cookwithheart.

How it works

  1. Join the challenge
    Register now and get the Heart Foundation recipe book.

  2. Spread the word
    Tell everyone about your challenge and ask them to support you to raise funds to fight heart disease.

  3. Get cooking
    Select your meal(s), cook and share your creations on social media, using #Coles and #cookwithheart. Don’t forget to shop at Coles online or in-store for all your ingredients.

How many meals do I need to cook?

You can choose to cook one, five or 10 heart-healthy recipes. We’re here to help you out: you can choose from our Heart Foundation approved recipes and we'll send you tips along the way! Best of all, there’s a huge variety to suit every taste (and, they’re all delicious!).

Can I cook other healthy recipes or modify your recipes?

When you register you will receive recipes such as Greek Style Nachos, Cauliflower and Cashew Korma, One Pan Chicken and Pumpkin Gnocchi, and many more: there are 20 delicious recipes to choose from.

If you would like to modify the recipes, see our Heart Foundation heart-healthy eating guidelines

How to start fundraising

I don’t know much about fundraising. Where do I start?

Don’t worry we are here to help. Once you have registered, you can access our fundraising tips.
Our team are here to support you every step of the way. Contact us on 13 11 12 or email communityfundraising@heartfoundation.org.au.

I’m ready to start my Cook with Heart fundraiser. What do I need to do?

First, you’ll need to complete the Cook with Heart registration form. Once you register, you’ll have your own fundraising page to collect donations. Take some time to personalise your page: set a fundraising goal, upload photos and write a few sentences on what you’re doing and why. Doing this will encourage friends, family and others to donate, helping you to reach your goal.

Then share your fundraising page with your family and friends and ask them to support you with a donations. We'll let you know by email everytime you recieve a donation!

How do I collect donations?

The easiest way to collect donations is to ask your friends and family to make a secure, online donation through your fundraising page. They’ll receive an instant tax-deductible receipt and you’ll be able to keep track of how much money you’ve raised.

If you plan to collect cash or cheques, you will need an official Authority to Fundraise letter and banking information. Let us know if you're planning to do this and our friendly team can help. Get in touch on 13 11 12 or email us at communityfundraising@heartfoundation.org.au.

How will the Heart Foundation use the money I raise?

Every donation to the Heart Foundation helps the fight against heart disease, which takes 48 Australian lives every day.

By participating in the Cook with Heart Challenge, you’ll be supporting us to:

  • Fund world-leading research
  • Develop care guidelines for health professionals
  • Support high quality care for people living with heart disease
  • Help Australians to live healthier lifestyles
  • Advocate to government and industry across initiatives to improve heart health.

How can the Heart Foundation support my Cook with Heart challenge?

If you’d like advice or help with your Cook with Heart challenge, our team are ready to chat. While they can’t help with running or promoting your fundraising challenge, they’re full of great ideas about how to make it successful. Get in touch on 13 11 12 or email us at communityfundraising@heartfoundation.org.au.

Once you have registered, we've got some great fundraising tips to help you get your challenge going!