How you help

Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Australia, with 48 people dying every day from this disease.

Poor diet is a leading risk factor for heart disease, but if more people eat plant based foods like vegetables, fruit, wholegrains and healthy proteins like fish and seafood together, we could significantly improve the heart health of the community.

To make cooking healthy meals fun, this challenge encourages you to share your creations on social media and talk about what you’ve enjoyed most about cooking heart-healthy meals, and your favourites. Variety is part of the challenge so there’s plenty of options to suit every taste.

By fundraising for the Heart Foundation, you can make a meaningful difference to Australia’s heart health. Your Cook with Heart funds will:

Contribute to medical research that can transform people’s lives

Support health professionals to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease

Provide programs and advice for people and at risk of heart disease

At the Heart Foundation, we’re working towards a heart-healthy future. With your help, we can continue funding life-saving research, prevention and support initiatives that will positively impact the lives of everyday Australians.


Could pay for a DNA test for genetic factors that can identify people at high risk of heart disease.


Can provide a person who has recently suffered a heart attack with tailored information to manage their condition.


Research assistants are an invaluable part of any research project. $200 could pay for one day of a cardiovascular researcher’s vital lifesaving work.


Could provide 100 health professionals with access to the most recent heart health information and help them to provide Australians with the best standard of care.

The Heart Foundation needs people like you to help us reverse Australia’s devastating heart statistics:

  • Almost 13 million Australians have three or more heart disease risk factors.
  • In 2018 heart disease killed one person every 30 minutes.
  • There are 57,000 heart attacks in Australia every year. 20 people die each day.