Take on the 3,000 Squats in April challenge and help raise funds for lifesaving heart disease research. 

Join the challenge today and you'll get a free Heart Foundation t-shirt!  

Think you could pull off 100 squats a day for an entire month? Here's how to do it!

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Fill out this form and create your fundraising page to receive your free t-shirt.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3,000 Squats in April challenge? 

3,000 Squats in April is a fundraising challenge run through Facebook. Take on 3,000 squats over the month of April while helping to raise funds for lifesaving research into heart disease. 

Join the challenge here

How do I get a free t-shirt and when will I receive it? 

To get your hands on a free t-shirt head to the 3,000 Squats in April Facebook Group and follow the prompts. 

Your t-shirt will be sent via Australia Post. Our team of volunteers are working hard to pack and post your t-shirt. We expect your t-shirt will arrive within 10 business days. If your shirt has not arrived within 20 business days, please email communityfundraising@heartfoundation.org.au. 

What is a Facebook fundraiser? 

It is a new and exciting way to raise money through Facebook. Registering your fundraiser through Facebook allows you to:

  • Share directly with your family and friends and ask for donations. 
  • Tell people what you are doing and why. 
  • Provide updates to your supporters. 

How will the Heart Foundation use the money I raise? 

When you sign up for 3,000 Squats in April and ask friends and family to sponsor you, you’ll be making a meaningful difference to your own heart health, as well as the hearts of others. 

Your funds will help support: 

  • Lifesaving heart research that could transform heart disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Health professionals who prevent and treat heart disease.
  • Programs, resources, and professional advice for people at risk of heart disease. 

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