Do it your way.

Whether you want to camp out in a haunted house for a night, write a novel in a month, or go tenpin bowling in a gorilla costume, you can turn almost anything into a Do it for Heart fundraiser.

Once you’ve decided on a fundraising idea, register with Do it for Heart and set up your personal fundraising page. Email your contacts, post on social media, and ask your friends, family and colleagues to donate and spread the word about what you’re doing – or, if you’ve come up with a group challenge, ask them to join you. Once the event is over, send a thank-you email to everyone who contributed – and be sure to tell them how much you raised! 

How it works


1. Create your fundraiser

2.Request donations 

3. Conquer your goal! 


We’ve got lots of resources to help you run your event. Once you have registered you will be able to access:

  • Our top fundraising tips.
  • Fundraising toolkit. 
  • Invitations and other event materials. 
  • Template email to ask for sponsorship and thank your donors.

Need help?

Not sure if your idea’s going to work? Got a question or need advice? Get in touch with the Do it for Heart team for fundraising help and support.

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