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Heart disease remains Australia’s number one killer, taking 48 lives every day. 

We need people like you to help us reverse Australia’s devastating heart statistics:

• Almost 13 million Australians have three or more heart disease risk factors

• In 2018, heart disease killed one person every 30 minutes

• There are 57,000 heart attacks in Australia every year. 20 people die each day 

Where your money goes 

By fundraising for the Heart Foundation, you can make a meaningful difference to Australia’s heart health. Your Do it for Heart funds will:

Contribute to medical research that can transform people’s lives

Support health professionals to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease

Provide programs and advice for people and at risk of heart disease

Meet Michelle

At 42, Michelle a Mum of two, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy which then progressed to heart failure. Stressed about work and fuelling herself with fatty, sugary foods Michelle was forced to think hard about her lifestyle and future.

Fast forward 7 years and she’s lost 40kg, is an ultramarathon runner and is passionate about good health.

This is just one example of the critical importance of our heart health research and it’s capacity to give everyday people a second chance at life.

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