Squat and look hot

100 Squats a day in April

Squat and Look Hot!!!

We are passionate about this cause and fundraising to support those suffering with heart disease.  
I would not be around if it was not for the heart foundation and the support it gives in suppling resources and much needed research.
So we have taken on the challenge to do a 100 Squats a day throughout April in hopes to support this fantastic cause.
Please support us in fundraising Xx

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Sadmir Ceric


Mark Hampson


Ken Chua

OMG… look at the butt


Kylie Piper

You can do it baby girl


Alan Bell

Good on ya Candice!


Stella Lee

Toit! <3


Ber Nard

Twerk it!!



Always happy to support a beautiful cause


Gamu Chipato

So proud of you :-)


Prasanna Piyasena


Chloe Carter

We can do this