Aatiqah runs for Dom

By Aatiqah Maraicar

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My target 125 kms

I’ve taken on a challenge in April to Do it for Dominic!

This year for my 25th Birthday I am wanting to do something a little more special. I’m passionate about saving Australian Hearts especially for a little boy so close to my heart who has Long- QT Syndrome type 2 (LQT2) and 2:1 Heart blocks. 

LQT2 results from insufficient potassium ion activity in the heart. This deficiency prevents proper electrical function in the heart and leads to arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm). Emotional stress, surprise and startling can cause arrhythmias in those with LQT2.

2:1 atrioventricular block is a form of second-degree AV nodal block and occurs when every other P wave is not conducted through the AV node to get to the ventricles, and thus every other P wave is not followed by a QRS complex. 

I will be running 125kms in the month of April. I need your help to create change. That’s why I’m fundraising for the Heart Foundation, for Dominic– and I hope you’ll support me in this.

Please make a donation today, click the donate button. Every donation, big or small will help me get closer to my goal.

Thank you for your support.

Aatiqah x

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Monday 01st April - 23:59

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Vas Katsaras

A heart felt thank you for what you have done. Great work


Shiraj & Rafi Mynudeen


Kalli James Design

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are amazing


Aliette Felix

Wishing you all the best for a great cause very close to our family 🤍🤍


Catharina Singh

Best of luck




Dilanka Walpitagamage

You go girl!


Sathi Koka


Kayla Coughlan-ward

You are doing such an amazing thing and i’m so proud of you!!!! Love you lots!


Zen Trailers Pty Ltd


Helen Salter


Lucy Gries

So proud of you, that is amazing achievement so far with your running and fundraising efforts, keep it up!





Michelle Swift

Proud of you!


Claire Hall

well done Aatiquah!


Stephanie & Yianni Toumanidis

Proud of you sweet 🫶🏼


Vicky (aussie Mum)

I’m so proud of you, because you’re always thinking of others and seek to contribute to society in any way you can. Good luck with the running. 🩷


Stephanie Jonas

Thank you for always supporting our lil guy 💙


Dylan Welatantrige



Gabrielle Jonas


Iqbal Merican



Inspirational to say the least, amazing work. Proud of you 🏃‍♀️🏅


Natalie Hawksworth

What a wonderful cause Aatiqah 💜 Gorgeous little Dominik 🥰


Katrina Nasser

What an amazing cause🙏🏼 All the best Aatiqah! Such a wonderful thing to do ❤️🥰💙


Evangeline Metaxas

you go girl xxx


Ashan Weerasena



Ella Harris


Zalei Day

His a strong little boy, all my wishes are with him and his family. Xx


Marisol Ubilla

Well done you did amazing love from Mary xx


Aatiqah Maraicar


Dominic Drouin

Great running !!! Got you to 1000!!


Anis Fathima




Anna Jobling

i love you



Love what you’re doing girl! Keep going at it!



Such a great cause! All the best! 💜


Alaina Peach


Eray Schulz


Ruchita Pandey

So proud of this Aatiqah!



Super proud of you Azzu! All the best! 🤍🤍