Heart Foundation Charity Dart Tournament

By Corey Gillam

By Corey Gillam

I’m hosting an event!

I’m passionate about saving Australian Hearts and I need your help to create change. That’s why I’m fundraising for the Heart Foundation – and I hope you’ll support me in this.

Heart disease remains Australia’s biggest killer, claiming 48 lives every day. Your donation will help the Heart Foundation to transform Australia’s heart health by:

  • funding life-changing heart research

  • supporting health professionals working to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease

  • providing heart-healthy programs and resources for everyday Australians.

Please make a donation today, click the donate button. Every donation, big or small will help me get closer to my goal. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you’ll get a receipt by email as soon as you make your donation.

I personally have had Three Heart Operations in my life time and if it wasn"t for orgisations like The Heart Foundation people like myself wouldn't get that second chance at life. 

Thank you for your support.

Corey Gillam

Event Information

Saturday 19th August
Sarina Dart Association

Thank you for your support


Corey & Melissa Gillam


Murray Plant And Civil Pty Ltd


Construct Health

All the best for the event Mel and Corey


Jay Maud


Craig Nicholas


Robert Paterson


Shelley Schuck

Best of luck raising your funds!


Cliff Down

Congratulations on your big day


Kamiah Beezley


Corey Gillam



Always happy to help a mate


Melissa Gillam