Hair for Hearts

By Danielle Facey

Well, it's done.

Hi all,
I'd like to thank everyone who supported me, donated to this cause and attended the head shaving today. 
It was quite an interesting experience going from shoulder-length hair, to completely shaved. 
I really appreciate all the love and support. It helped a great deal to have my friends making fun of me during the whole process. 
Thanks again

Just over a week to go

Hi All,
I am counting down the days until all my hair goes for charity. My friends and family seem to want me with the shortest hair possible. Hopefully someone in need will be wearing my locks and making themselves feel that little bit better. 
October 2nd at midday we will start the transformation to the new, bald, me.
Please donate, if you haven't,  to give as much as possible to this great cause. 
Thank you.

Your opinion for hair length

If you have donated, thank you.
If you would like to voice your opinion on how long my hair will be after 2nd October, please visit the facebook poll.

Monkey is getting behind me. Are you?

Monkey is very excited about how long my hair is growing . Get excited with Monkey and donate to Hair for Heart before I have no hair left.
See gallery for pictures Monkey.

The Date has been set.

Hi All.
I'm sure you are wondering when my long locks will cease to exist. 
Well, the date is: Sunday 2nd October at Purple Mist Hairdressing and Just Fake It Beauty in Coldstream.  
Anyone who wants to attend is more than welcome. We will be meeting up at midday. 
The length of my new do, will depend on the masses so stay tuned. 
If you donate, you will get a vote.
Please support this cause as much as possible.
Thank you
My Mum died from a heart attack 2 years ago. She was such a wonderful person and left so many people devastated by her sudden passing. Hopefully I can help make a difference, like she did every day she was with us.
Mum used to comment every time I got my hair cut short saying "oh Dan, I wish you'd grow your hair"
I have decided after 2 years of growing my hair, that I will raise money for Mum by shaving it off. 
I will also be donating the cut hair to help cancer patients who are experiencing hair loss due to treatments.  I think Mum would like that.
Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you

Event Information

Sunday 02nd October 12:00 - 14:00
Head shaving at Purple Mist Hairdressing and Just Fake It Beauty

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dan Facey


Your Wife Jane

To my beautiful wife - I've watched your hair grow over the past 12 months, knowing this day would come. So brave - so beautiful.


Lili Df

So proud of you, happy I can support something that means so much to all of us. ❤️


Connor Butler

Amazing effort Dan!


Ash Coutts


Danni And Scottie X

For you and your gorgeous mumma ❤️


Kevin And Willi


Jo, James, Ella, Izzy & Angus

Miss her. Always in my heart


Purple Mist Hairdressing


Leanne, James, Tomtom & Zo

Such a wonderful cause from such a wonderful person in memory of a truly outstanding person.



You are an inspiration May this good year continue to get better. Thank you for not being vain & fundraising for a bigger cause. Your mum would be proud & I think you will rock the shaved look!





Susan Quinn

Wonderful Job Dan.


Danielle Facey


Cheryl Duncan


Cassie Davis




Lisa Taylor

Amazing effort Dan


Joey Maclean


Kaila Roberts


Chai And Evie

Great job Dan!


Gail Gilchrist

A terrific charity to have done it ... great effort


Leanne Krone

You are awesome!


Maree Buhagiar

Love ❤️ To Lois. In memory of a special lady. Miss her everyday. Well done Dan. Xxx


Rachel Hoey


Max Kraulis-breen

Don't shave it all off, leave a cool piece of fringe and die it purple or some funny color like pink! 😀 lots of love!



Lovely thought Dan


Kevin Doan

Hope you feel better and good luck with fundraising :)