4x4x48 Challenge for Heart Disease

By Greg Lingard

Goal Achieved!

First and foremost, a massive thanks to all the support so far, it's been incredible to have everyone come together and support this worthy cause.

We have achieved our initial goal of $886 which was $1 for every person hospitalised from heart disease in the duration of this challenge.

We have now decided to take this to the next step and go for double that! $1772!

It's great to see what we can achieve through collaboration. 

Looking forward to see what we can all accomplish! 

Every day 443 people are hospitalised from Coronary heart disease, with 580,000 people currently living with CHD, making it the Number 1 leading cause of death in Australia. This statistic is likely to increase in the coming years as we adapt to a more sedentary lifestyle. The likelihood is that someone you are close to is also affected by this disease.

For both the betterment of the heart disease community and our preventative measures, we (Greg and Royce) will be running the 4x4x48 challenge set by David Goggins. 4 Miles, Every 4 hours, for 48 hours (76kms in 2 days). We hope that it will highlight our self-imposed limitations and counteract countless hours sitting at desks, leading to these diseases.

Our goal is to raise $886, which equates to $1 for every person hospitalised from CHD in the duration of this challenge. Donating it to a foundation who you know will put the money to good use.

We encourage everyone to get involved or donate; a little goes a long way!

Link to challenge: https://www.gogginschallenge.com/?fbclid=IwAR25keSX9VpjSbKzwumgTFeN0q8LHnkOhVMnDTB5aAIEcvBQX0nqD_6NKaM

Event Information

Friday 05th March 20:00 - 20:00

Thank you to my Supporters


Sam King

Lots of love, mate xx



Wonderful initiative. Wishing you both good luck.


Julia Lingard

Love your drive and inspiration


Grandad And Aunty Val

Cheering you both on from lockdown in UK. Go lads


Leannw Jeffries

Great work Greg,, fantastic cause good luck on Saturday. Cheers, Sean & Leanne


Sebastien Bijoux

Good luck lads. Go roycey ❤️❤️


Austin Lingard

Rip in lads #stayhard


Nola Matthews


Cairo Takarangi

Eat em up brother 🦅


Wendy Janssen

Good luck Greg and thank you for caring.



Good luck Royce and Greg! Such a great cause!


Don Tregonning

Proud of you boys.



Proud of you greggles!! Let’s go!


Deb Wilson

Good luck!


Scott Graham

Go smash it mate💪🏼


Mitch Collins


Adam Roy

Legend bro! Good luck!! 🦅


Tim Bell

Don’t get a heart attack in the process


Hannah Grindley


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Claudia Wilson

Good luck boys 🤍


Jordon Mcclurkin


Jnana Purcell

You wouldn’t do it on sand


Sarah Mccredie


Bailey Mackenzie

Go get em tiger


Sophie Hodson


Royce Matthews


Amos Milani



Onya Greggles. Goranimal



Good stuff



Your gonna carry the boats


Troy Fuller


Liv Adams

Go smash it Gregos and remember to #stayhard


Greg Lingard


Mat Blevin

Let’s gooo. Good shit!


Nick Palmer

Stay hard


Alex Harmer