20 days for 20 years.

By Joseph Izzo

My Activity Tracking


DAY 20 (8/9/22)

21,757 steps.

DAY 19 (7/9/22)

21,666 steps.

DAY 18 (6/9/22)

23,988 steps.

DAY 17 (5/9/22)

22,722 steps.

DAY 16 (4/9/22)

21,561 steps.

DAY 15 (3/9/22)

21,141 steps.

DAY 14 (2/9/22)

24,343 steps.

DAY 13 (1/9/22)

26,927 steps.

DAY 12 (31/8/22)

20,349 steps.

DAY 11 (30/8/22)

28,868 steps.

DAY 10 (29/8/22)

23,953 steps.

DAY 9 (28/8/22)

21,037 steps.

DAY 8 (27/8/22)

22,121 steps.

DAY 7 (26/8/22)

20,432 steps.

DAY 6 (25/8/22)

21,311 steps.

DAY 5 (24/8/22)

20,652 steps.

DAY 4 (23/8/22)

24,722 steps.

DAY 3 (22/8/22)

20,433 steps

DAY 2 (21/8/22)

21,045 steps

DAY 1 (20/8/22)

21,592 steps

If you are connected at all to me or my family, you’d probably know that we had an amazing person taken from us due to heart disease, far too early.

It is now coming up to the 20th anniversary of my father’s passing, and after having many years to develop some perspective, it seemed like the right time to create something positive out of an unfortunate situation.

20 years without a husband, father, brother, and so much more, is a lot of missed milestones, life lessons lost, and bad jokes never to be laughed at.

In keeping with the theme of #20, I am going to take on a challenge that involves walking more than 20,000 steps a day for 20 days in a row, leading up to the date of his anniversary (8th September).

The reason I am taking on this challenge is to not only raise awareness for Australia’s most fatal disease, but also to hopefully create change – no matter how small that may be.

I want to reduce the number of people (particularly children) who have to experience the sudden and irreparable impact of losing a loved one the way our family did. To go from having a ‘superdad’ one day, to being woken up by frantic paramedics the next, no one else should have to go through that.

Every dollar that you may be generous enough to donate will help transform the ever-growing heart health issue by:

·         Funding life-changing heart research.

·         Supporting health professionals working to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease.

·         Providing heart-healthy programs and resources for everyday Australians.

And if you’re unable to help financially, at the very least, I hope that by reading this, you take a moment to appreciate the time you have with those most important to you.


If you are at all concerned about any risk of heart disease for yourself, a family member, or friend, please go to see a doctor sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you might just miss your chance…

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Michele Izzo

Really amazing stuff Joe. Such a great thing you are doing. We're all proud of you and dad would be too


Nellie Izzo

Your dad would be so proud


Auntie Lina,uncle Aldo,carlie & Michelle

We are all so proud of the young man you have grown up to be!


Stephanie Andrews

Amazing work Joe. We’re very proud of you!


Heidi Thaler


Michael, Ginnie, Ella And Claire

Good on you Joseph - amazing effort and such a wonderful idea!


K & K Izzo & Bogo

Love this ❤️ Joe. Uncle would be so proud. Not a day goes by that we all don’t miss him (and his pasta Sauce) xxx Also you can stop walking now lol


John Izzo

Joseph I am sure your father is looking down on you from Heaven very proudly Love Uncle John and Aunty Franca


Katie, Sam, Chiara And Isabella

Amazing effort, Joseph. I miss uncle so much and I know that he would be so proud of your efforts and of the amazing person you are.



Love your work mate!



Great cause, great challenge.


Luis Izzo

Great initiative! Still miss your dad all the time. He was an amazing uncle and person with (ironically but genuinely) a massive heart. Am sure he is very proud of this.


Jess & Brock



You champion! Such an important thing you’re done, go Izzo!!


Adrian Verde

Good job mate, your dad would be super proud


Jesse Langford


Michelle Fasogiannis

Miss him so much and still think about him daily!! Would be so so proud of you Jo!! Well Done


Chiara La Rosa


Julie La Rosa




Tulloch Brown

You go girl


Stef & Brad Pfeifer


Matt Izzo


Patrick Chetham

Great challenge for a great cause. All the best ❤️


Hugo Chan

Great stuff Izzo!


Remi Mckay



Proud of you mate!


Lee-roy C

Amazing 😍


Liam Mcglinchey

Love your work ❤




Joseph Esposito


Joseph Esposito



Get it Joe!



In bocca lupo!