Pied Pipers - Lifestyle Lyndarum

By Julie Giles

My Activity Tracking


Who said $1,000 was too big a target!!

More tally sheets in today. 

37 new activities tried!

882 activities recorded to date at minimum of 30 minutes per activity - that's 26,460 minutes of physical activity!!

$919.00 to be donated by our sponsor Certex International.

Bread & jam sales $312

Donations $178.00.

We have nailed it!

81 Homeowners participating.

Registration fees - $81.00 

27 new activities tried! 

657 activities tallied to date.

$684 will be asked of our sponsor, Certex International

Bread and jam sales $312

Donations: $125.00

Still more to come - awesome effort to date Lifestyle Lyndarum.  

The Jam Queen does it again!

Nannette Davis works tirelessly with her jam, chutney and pickle making to support every Pied Piper fundraising initiative as well being a founding member of the Walking Group ensuring the pups Lizzie and Princess get their exercise as well.
Her stall is always a welcome sight at our coffee afternoons.

And now the tallying begins!

Eighty- four Homeowners signed up for Do It With Heart and the tally sheets are coming in at a fast rate.
Activities from darts to water aerobics have been achieved - as well as square dancing, tap dancing and Pilates. Lots of great use of the Lifestyle facilities as well as external resources.  To date we have 195 sessions reported with lots more to come! 

Pied Pipers & Certex International

Over the past 3 years the Managing Director of Certex International, Dianne Gibert has ensured the Pied Pipers have had sponsorship $$ added to our collections in order to achieve the amazing totals we have achieved. Dianne has attended our celebrations annually as we recognise our efforts and present certificates and enjoy the camaraderie that is the core of Lifestyle Lyndarum. Thanks Dianne, Alicja and all at Certex International - the donation this year will be your biggest ever!!

Let's Get Rolling

An enthusiastic group of Homeowners got together to have a go at some different activities as part of their Do It With Heart Challenge.
Barefoot Bowls, Putt Putt Golf and Croquet organised by Alison Wilson on a lovely Saturday afternoon was loads of fun and ensured that a number of people tried new activities that can be played on our Bowling Green.
Gorgeous weather, great fun, good company and plenty of fundraising happening at the same time.

Bread Bread and more Bread

Our resident baker Peter Giles, initiator of the Pied Piper title - as he wears many hats has been baking bread every Wednesday during February to raise funds for the Do It With Heart - fresh warm bread delivered to Homeowners doors just in time for breakfast (or lunch) as the case may be. Baking at least 20 loaves per week and donating all proceeds plus donations has added almost $500.00 to the fundraising. 

Do It With Heart - a Ljfestyle Lyndarum Challenge

The Homeowners at Lifestyle Lyndarum have taken on a challenge to Do it with Heart!

More than 80 Homeowners in our village have committed to 30 minutes of physical activity per day for the month of February. The challenge is to use as many of the great facilities we have as well as to try new things. We have a corporate sponsor, Certex International, who has committed to pay $1 for every 30 minutes of activity recorded and $2 when a new activity is undertaken. There are more than 20 different opportunities in the Community - and lots of external opportunities as well.

Every participant paid $1.00 to register.

The energy and enthusiasm for this challenge is so exciting so - friends and family of Lifestyle Lyndarum Homeowners - please consider supporting this fundraiser as prevention of heart disease is key to supporting a long and happy life - which is what we all aspire to. Our Tedy Bear;s Picnic saw lots of dancers on the floor - an easy 30 minutes of exercise.

Please consider making a donation today, click the donate button. Every donation, big or small will help us get closer to our goal.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you’ll get a receipt by email as soon as you make your donation.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Certex International

Great work Pied Pipers!


Lifestyle Lyndarum Homeowners


Lily & Jake Welch

Great work Nanny & Peter - we love you!!


Julie Giles


Suzanne Coburn


Jessica Giles

Great work Julie & Poppy