13 Km walk in memory of Deva Anantharaj

By Kirushika Anantharaj

I’m hosting an event!

I’m passionate about saving Australian Hearts and I need your help to create change. 


To those who are not aware of, I was married to Deva Anantharaj for 7 years and I was about to deliver our gorgeous daughter Tiara Anantharaj in four weeks when we were shattered with a shock of our live . On the 19th of June 2011, Deva  then  32,  went out  for salsa dancing with friends when he collapsed. We lost our beloved Deva to a massive heart attack.

Not only have l lost my loving husband, our daughter Tiara only get to see her adored father in photos.  Deva didn't get the opportunity to see his princess though he was counting the days for her arrival. This has affected so many lives, my in laws, my parents, families, friends etc.

Eleven years have now passed. While our lives move on, we cannot forget the memories that we shared together. We will cherish those beautiful memories forever.

With immense help and massive support of my soul mate/ best friend and wonderful partner Selva Kathiresan,

On Deva Anantharaj's 39th Birthday, we have decided to create an annual event of walking in memory of Deva. Our sole purpose is to raise funds to Heart Foundation Australia.

This year we will be walking 13 kilometers on the Sunday the 19th of June on Deva's 11th anniversary.

We ask my dear family and friends to please join us on this walk, donate and raise as much funds you can to show your support.


Your donations will help fund lifesaving heart research and stop more families losing loved ones prematurely to heart disease.

Thank you for your support.

Event Information

Sunday 19th June 09:00 - 13:00

Thank you for your support