I’m shaving my head for the heart foundation!!!

By Kristy Aguilar

Thank you to my Sponsors



Proud of you!


Sara C

So very proud of you angel, love you.


Denzaan Goh


Lauren Mccall

So so proud of you girl. Your heart is so pure


Amy And Kristan

You should be so proud of yourself beautiful 😘


Stephanie Compton

Great cause! Very courageous!


Ashleigh Viera

You are such an inspiration!


Jordan + Joshi

All the best Kristy




Renae Dehn

mad love for you


Katia Aguilar


Gabby Aguilar

Go kristy go! My beloved angel


Freddy Aguilar

Dale Kristy!


Arthur Wojcik


Simon Grunwald

You are an absolute legend x James better allow you to fulfill yiur dreams after this. 😁


Debbie Alexander

Kristy, you go girl !


R Starmans

Go girl, proud of you 💛


Todd Thurlow

Get it homie 👌




Jorge Acuña

Go Kristy who hoooo



Buena idea mi hermosa. Te quiero mucho.


Jessica Acuna-pilarte

Great idea ahijada!



You go girl🥳🥳


Denz Goh


Lauren Whitby

Good on you Kristy! :)


Nicole Camilleri

So inspiring! You’re so brave and amazing.


Courtney Mcdonald

So proud of you, thank you for doing what you’re doing xxx



You go girl ! You are so amazing ❤️ Such a wonderful cause


Lucas Bucton

Go get it Lazy Town




Kristy Aguilar


Obssa Youssouf

Love your work Kristy!