Metres for Mates

Metres for Mates

Metres for Mates Fitness Challenge / Extended Opportunity

Together we can raise awareness about heart disease, particularly focusing on our Hospo family that works hard over the holiday periods. The rest of the year, serving our community late at night, over weekends, doing shift work, split shifts, irregular breaks and so on. Sometimes just grabbing whatever sustenance is available which means not always making healthy choices

Our community has overcome major hurdles over the past 2 years, and it is time to make our health & fitness a priority, while raising money to help those facing battles with heart disease.

In 2023 we invite all our Northern Rivers Hospo friends to join us for our 50 day Metres for Mates challenge, from Wednesday 1 February, now extended to Thursday 11 May. Join our 8am Saturday & Sunday social walking group, or 3.30pm Tuesday friendly tennis competition. Get fit, feel great, help others, and join us on Thursday 11 May for a decadent evening of fine food, wine, champagne AND AMAZING AUCTION PRIZES!

If you want to know more about how you can be involved, email or simply join our team.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Insurance Mentor

We would like to support this fundraiser in the name of Minh Griffiths.


Ballina Rsl Charity Tins


Qld Club Network Specialists


Chris And Fran

Good luck with the challenge


Annie Rogers

Good luck James 😊


Glenn Mills

Good luck Claire....well done:)


Leisa Smith

Well done James!


Neil Sowerby


Belinda Coombs


Carol Nance

You can do it!


Jeremie Messager


Peter Sinclair


Claire Messager


Ballina Rsl


Phillip & Kathy Tyson

Go hard or go home


Shane Ironside

Good luck. Great cause that I was happy to be part of the inaugural night.


Remy Tancred

Good Luck Claire xx


Andrew Yates


Stephen Sayer


Mitya Castillo


Bill Coulter