The Ruminator

By Ross Coco

Hi, I’m Ross Coco!

Seven years ago I had heart surgery. For some time after the surgery, I tried to eat all the right foods and it was not easy. Especially if you don’t understand food!

 I wouldn’t know a carb if fell on me. I can only imagine, it would be a high percentage of heart surgery patients that would go back to their bad habits of eating the wrong foods and making excuses to justify it .

I found A solution! 

I looked up the Heart foundation‘s website, downloaded their recipes, now I don’t have to worry about what I eat.


As my goal is to raise awareness, I decided to use my kitchen device “The ruminator 2000 MK11” to cook a series of recipes exclusively from the Heart Foundation website with Chef Basil, our superhero in apron.

We will cook together and we will show you what's good and what's bad for you all while raising money for the Heart Foundation.


Video is coming soon – Stay tuned!

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Ross Coco