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By Tayzar Kringas

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Dad’s Story

On Australia Day 2021, my dad lost his incredibly short battle to heart disease. 

Having his first attack in June, we never understood the severity of Heart Disease. 

We were constantly told things would be fine and keep monitoring his symptoms. 

After having small attacks daily that would last 5-10 minutes, he was told that they were normal and nothing to worry about. 

Later on in the year, he had a larger attack which resulted him in hospital again. This is where they told us they had found multiple blockages in main artery’s and needed Open Heart Surgery. 

If anyone knew my dad and new how fit and healthy he was, you would know this would have come as a massive shock to everyone around him, and even more himself. Being confused and scared, he waited till he heard the news he wanted to hear from one of the surgeons, that they knew this from the first attack and he is fine. 

About 6 weeks later, he went back to the Surgeon for a check up and was all cleared and given the green light. Then a week later he passed.

Dad passed from Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Disease which long story short means there was severe narrowing of all three of the coronary arteries which supply the heart muscle with blood and oxygen. Due to his young age, the diagnosed it as premature cardiac disease. 

Often people pair heart disease with unhealthy homes. This just shows that Heart Disease can affect anyone no matter how fit and healthy you are! 


The team at McGrath West have taken on a monthly challenge of completing 10,000 steps a day over the next 4 weeks! I have taken this opportunity to raise money for the Heart Foundation!

Losing my dad at the start of the year has has been a massive roller coaster of emotions. I was un-prepared, uneducated and so unaware of heart diseases that can affect literally anyone at any age. 

Losing someone is something that you can never prepare for and brings on a lot of new emotions you never knew you had! I hope this fundraiser brings awareness to those who are in a similar position or know someone who is struggling and hope it helps in anyway! 

Heart disease remains Australia’s biggest killer, claiming 48 lives every day. Your donation will help the Heart Foundation to transform Australia’s heart health by:

  • Funding life-changing heart research
  • Supporting health professionals working to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease
  • Providing heart-healthy programs and resources for everyday Australians.

Please make a donation today, click the donate button. Every donation, big or small will help me get closer to my goal.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you’ll get a receipt by email as soon as you make your donation

Thank you for your support.

Thank you to my Supporters


Coorey Family

Marcus would be extremely proud of what you are doing Tayzar. Thanks for keeping his memory alive for all of us.



Great cause Tayz. I know how much your dad meant to , and he would be very proud!


Karyn Quessy

I know exactly how you feel after loosing my dad and your Pa from heart disease. I am with you 100% and so proud of you. Stay strong and be happy. Big hugs when we can 🥰🥰🥰


Joel Badha

Get it Taz! love the positive vibes your amazing.


Sue O'neill

Best wishes!


Ashley Lam

Marcus would be smiling right now 🙂stay well x


Peter Quessy

TZ, You are a little champion.. Marcus would be very proud You go girl !


Dan Cusack


The Lucia’s



Sue Herbert

Well done gorgeous girl 🥰 Dad would be proud xx


Jaclyn Favaloro

Smash it xx


Liz Dinh

Sending lots of love and light your way Tayzar ♥️


Amit Nayak

Great initiative Tayz! Your father must be super proud of you watching you from the heaven! Keep up the amazing work mate :)


Samantha Rhodes

So much love to you and your family Tayzar. Reading your dads story brought tears to my eyes, you are so strong. ❤️❤️❤️




Vidu Sharma



Kyra Stanley

Go Tay! Get those steps in girl🤍🤍


Pamela Vervitas

Proud of you Tay 😘❤️


Rachel Ferris

Awesome tayz! Proud of you x


David Spasojevic

Good stuff Tayzar


Elliot O'neill







Antonia Munday

So proud of you ♥️


Lisa Kringas

Day two and done already, well done, wait till the end of the month you will feel amazing. Dad would be so proud ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Curtis Mees

Sending my love mate xoxo


Mitch Fav

Go Tay! Marcus would be encouraging 20,000/day


Sheldon Law

Love you ❤


Melissa Jones

Such an amazing cause. Thinking of you, especially today 🤍🤍


Ellen Spasojevic

Go sissy 💜💜💜


Emma Scott

Go girl. You are amazing and so strong. Love you lots


Lauren Debba

Amazing tay ❤️





Beautifully written Tay! 💜


Christina Mcmillan - Coach’s Daughter Hills District Eagles

Your dad was funny, witty and just full of life. He will always be very much missed.



You are amazing Tayzar ❤️



Love you and so proud of you


Kyra Robson

Strongest person I know 💗 Go TAY Sending so much strength and love


Dalton Gavellas


Amelia Wood

Well done Tay, we’re all so proud of you ❤️



You are amazing tayz!


Antoinette Fahim




Camp love ❤️❤️


Tara Ehdaie




So proud of you ❤️