Terms and conditions. 

Heart Foundation means the National Heart Foundation of Australia ABN 98 008 419 761.  

These terms and conditions have been developed to outline both your obligations and the obligations of the Heart Foundation in accordance with applicable fundraising legislation. All individuals, organisations or groups who intend to raise funds for the Heart Foundation must agree to these conditions prior to planning and running any fundraising activities. Please take the time to read and understand them before filling in your Proposal to Fundraise (for offline fundraising only, available hereor registering your online fundraising event on our website. If you are unable to access the Proposal to Fundraise form, please email communityfundraising@heartfoundation.org.au or call 13 11 12 to request a copy 

Please note, corporate sponsorship and percentage of sales” arrangements are not covered in these terms and conditions  please visit our website to learn more about sponsorship. 

Participation in your event 

You participate in your fundraising event at your own risk, including the risk of injury or loss of life to you and any third parties. It is your responsibility to comply with all legal requirements relating to your fundraising event. 

You must hold an authority to fundraise as provided by registering your fundraiser on our website or a letter issued by the Heart Foundation in order to complete your fundraising event. 

Any person under the age of 16 conducting a fundraising event or activity must be appropriately supervised by an adult.  

Processing your application 

For offline fundraising, please allow 2 business days for your Proposal to Fundraise to be received and a confirmation receipt to be issued. Approval can take up to 5 business days. If you require approval sooner please contact us on 13 11 12 or communityfundraising@heartfoundation.org.au.  

On what basis are proposals to fundraise (offline fundraising) and online registrations assessed? 

All fundraising activities and events undertaken in support of the Heart Foundation need approval prior to fundraising commencing.  

Upon receiving approval of your Proposal to Fundraise (offline) or online registrationthe Heart Foundation will issue you with an “Authority to Fundraise” letter and then you can start fundraising.  

An authority to fundraise can only be issued when the following conditions are met: 

  • a detailed and signed Proposal to Fundraise or online registration form has been sent to the Heart Foundation, 
  • the fundraising activity has been confirmed to fit within the aims and values of the Heart Foundation, 
  • the fundraising activity will produce a reasonable financial return, and 
  • the fundraising activity has been confirmed by the Heart Foundation as not posing an unacceptable level of risk to the safety of participants/spectators and/or to the Heart Foundation’s reputation. 

Are there any activities that the Heart Foundation will not approve? 

All fundraising activities must comply with all applicable federal and state legislation. In addition, all fundraising activities need to align with the ethical guidelines and objectives of the Heart FoundationActivities that may be declined include (but are not limited to) any fundraising activities that: 

  • promote smoking and tobacco; 
  • promote fundraising through the sale of alcohol direct to the public; 
  • promote violence in any form, including cruelty to animals and the use of firearms; 
  • involves a high level of personal, reputational or public risk (as in the actual activity); 
  • includes any door to door or telemarketing-based approaches for donations.?  

The Heart Foundation will also exercise discretion in relation to fundraising activities that: 

  • promote gambling or betting via auctions, raffles and competitions. 
  • promote the consumption of unhealthy food and alcohol in moderation. 

To note: The Heart Foundation has a range of healthy recipes that you can access should your fundraising activities involve the preparation and consumption of food. 


Responsibilities and expectations 

What are your responsibilities as a Community Fundraiser? 

When you agree to fundraise on behalf of the Heart Foundation, you agree to be responsible for all aspects of running your activity/event. It will be your responsibility to: 

  • coordinate and manage your own activities and events;  
  • seek licences and permits relating to activities such as raffles, lotteries and auctions;  
  • procure all prizes, services and volunteers; 
  • promote your activity to your networks and/or seek publicity or advertising; 
  • collect and hold all funds collected in a secure environment and reconcile the funds relating to all fundraising activities undertaken (offline fundraising only); 
  • account for all income and expenses incurred and aim to maintain costs at no more than 40% of the total revenue; 
  • pay all invoices relating to your expenses and ensure that they are addressed to you, and not to the Heart Foundation; 
  • provide all funds to the Heart Foundation within 14 days of the conclusion of your activity; 
  • accept full responsibility and conduct the activity in an appropriate way to ensure the event is promoted in the Community Fundraiser’s name; 
  • accept and be responsible for minimising any risks associated with the activity;  
  • be responsible for the safety of the event, volunteers and personnel; 
  • arrange your own insurances, including public liability insurance specific to the activity and indemnify the Heart Foundation against any liability in relation to the conduct of the fundraising activity/event, as detailed below 
  • ensure children under the age of 16 who are fundraising are under the supervision of a responsible adult over the age of 18; 
  • produce your Authority to Fundraise when asked or required throughout your fundraising.  


Working with the Heart Foundation 

How should I promote my fundraising activity 

Heart Foundation name and logo use 

If you would like to use the Heart Foundation name and/or logo on any materials or products, you must obtain prior permission from the Heart Foundation. All printed and digital materials, including media releases, must be approved by the Heart Foundation. Materials must be forwarded to communityfundraising@heartfoundation.org.au for approval prior to any materials being printed or circulated.  

The Heart Foundation logo and guidelines on the use of the Heart Foundation name shall be supplied upon request. 

Please only refer to or promote the Heart Foundation (National Heart Foundation of Australia) as “the Heart Foundation”. You have a right to raise funds on behalf of “the Heart Foundation” but cannot state that you are “the Heart Foundation” or that you are representing the Heart Foundation. 

A suggested way of promoting your involvement is by stating “Funds raised will support the Heart Foundation.” 

The Heart Foundation will provide you with a range of fundraising tools to use in promoting your activity.   

Can I seek my own sponsors for my community fundraising 

If you are seeking corporate sponsors, please provide the Heart Foundation with a list of potential corporate sponsors you intend on approaching. The Heart Foundation reserves the right to exclude solicitation of specific sponsors. You must make it clear that you are a community fundraiser raising money for the Heart Foundation and that your fundraising activity / event is not a Heart Foundation activity. 

The Heart Foundation must not be associated with alcohol, tobacco or sugared beverages (e.g. soft drink).  

Our current sponsors are generous supporters of the Heart Foundation and are approached frequently throughout the year, we ask that you do not approach these companies without our prior consentDetails of our current sponsors can be found here.  

Support not included in this agreement  

Please note that the Heart Foundation cannot help with:  

  • provision of any Heart Foundation databases for promotion or marketing purposes;  
  • media relations or promotions on our social media channels;  
  • provision of prizes for your fundraising activities such as auctions, raffles or competitions;  
  • applying for relevant permits, licences or insurance coverage related to third party activities;  
  • staff or volunteers to run your activity or event;  
  • sale of tickets, products or services as part of your initiative;  
  • reimbursement of event related expenses;  
  • financial contributions of any nature.  

Termination You acknowledge that the Heart Foundation may revoke your authority to fundraise at any time. Upon receiving notice of termination from the Heart Foundation, you will immediately stop promoting your fundraising event.  


You release the Heart Foundation and all persons or corporations associated directly or indirectly with the Heart Foundation from all known and unknown claims, liability, demands and proceedings arising due to any loss, damage, expenses or personal injury which may be sustained by you or by any third party as a result of or in connection with your fundraising event.  


You indemnify the Heart Foundation and all persons or corporations associated directly or indirectly with the Heart Foundation (collectivelythose indemnified) against: 

  1. all losses incurred by those indemnified; 
  1. all liabilities incurred by those indemnified; and  
  1. all costs actually payable by those indemnified to their legal representatives (whether or not under a costs agreement) and other expenses incurred by those indemnified in connection with a demand, action, arbitration or other proceeding (including mediation, compromise, out of court settlement or appeal) arising as a result of or in connection with your participation in your fundraising event 

Governing Law 

These terms and conditions and all other specific and additional terms as may be updated from time to time, relating to your fundraising event will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state or territory in which your fundraising event will be taking place.  


Finalising your activity 

Acknowledgement of your contribution  

You will receive a letter to acknowledge the funds raised. This is not a tax-deductible receipt. Only once funds are received can the Heart Foundation issue an official thank you letter and/or receipt (if applicable) and acknowledgement of your contribution.   

Tax-deductible and non-deductible receipts  

Online fundraising 

All donations must be made through your unique fundraising pageWe will issue receipts to your supporters as soon as the transaction is approved. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. If you intend on raising funds outside of your fundraising page or if you have any queries about your donations, please contact CommunityFundraising@heartfoundation.org.au 

Offline fundraising 

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. The Heart Foundation can provide receipts for approved fundraising activities.  

The Heart Foundation will issue all tax-deductible receiptsWhere a receipt is required, please contact communityfundraising@heartfoundation.org.au or your local Heart Foundation Community Fundraising Coordinator within 14 days of the completion of your activity, who will arrange for receipts to be issued. A Community Fundraiser is not permitted to issue a receipt on the Heart Foundation’s behalf.  

It is important that you understand the official Australian Tax Office guidelines for receipts, so you can provide correct information to the people who support you.  

The following are not tax-deductibletickets (e.g. raffle, entry fee), donations of goods or services and/or purchases (e.g. auction, sale of items)Where the person gets something in return for giving, they are not entitled to a tax-deductible receipt. Tax-deductible receipts can only be issued in return for a donation that is more than $2 and where the donor receives no other benefit.