Jan's walk Flinders Ranges

Trek Flinders Ranges for Australian Hearts

My Grandmother

My Grandmother  who died in her seventies who I was close to died of a very severe stroke. I miss her every day, she was my best friend and buddy. I remember going to her home and having Christmas lunch there and going to her place at Avalon NSW in summer. 
When Mum and Dad moved to Victoria my Grandmother and I used to come down via the Southern Aurora and stay with them for a week or two. 
I'm doing this walk for a couple of reasons. Firstly in memory of my Grandmother, secondly to raise the funds so that if and when it happens to any of us or to our families, that the Doctors and/or hospitals have all the necessary resources to help their patients to recover. Lastly I love challenges. Some of you may remember when I  did the Oxfam 100k walk and even though I was a lot younger, I will be 73 years young when I will be walking around the Flinders Ranges in May next yearq. 

Trek Flinders Ranges for Australian Hearts

Event Information

Sunday 22nd May
Flinders Rangers

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